The first day in Guanaja had gone by, and had realized why they call it the Green Island, for its beautiful white sand beaches, its sea life which is one of the biggest jewels of the world and for its dense forests. We woke up really early and the day seemed clear, and we saw and amazing sunrise from Vista Caribe. We went to have breakfast at Mi Casa Too because we had a day full of activities ahead.

We met Lupita, a pit bull that guards Mi Casa Too, it barks a lot, but in the end is the most sweet and noble of dogs.

We started with the right foot and went to the town hall of Guanaja, we were received by the deputy mayor Mireya Guillen, who told us some of the activities that they are planning on doing to make of Guanaja a completely green island. The deputy mayor gave us a tour through every corner of Bonacca cay, that has a population of 10 thousand inhabitants and consists of the union of two cays of 0.6 km. We also talked with Luis Feldman, councilor of the town hall, who took us to one of the most important lobster packers.

Stay with us discovering more about Guanaja, The Green Island.

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