After snorkeling in the second biggest and most important coral reef we went back to Vista Caribe and prepared some piña coladas and ceviche of lobster and shrimp that we had fished that day.

We arrived and got into business, we entered the kitchen and expected everything to be great. We began with the piña coladas and then the lobster and shrimp ceviche, which we added inion, tomato and lemon. After cooking we left everything ready and went to have dinner at Mi Casa Too, where they had made for us a special dinner. It was a big fish, which they call Red Snapper, a deep water fish, they are the biggest and most difficult fish to get caught.

We headed back to Vista Caribe, to eat and drink the piña coladas and a nice bar where we had an amazing view.

Stay with us discovering the wonders of Guanaja,  The Green Island.

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