The time had come to do some water activities in the second most important coral reef in the world, we saw snails, fishes of every colors and even lobsters. We reached deep sea and stopped the boat, and stated swimming a little bit, the water is calm and crystal clear and you can see a great amount of fishes in their natural habitat. There are some areas in Guanaja which are considered No Fishing area, like Long Reef and Michael Rock, with the intent of guarding the biodiversity. You can ask about them in the Towns hall of Guanaja or to any local.

Dereck and Dennis went deeper and they found many lobsters even a blowfish, and also a small reef where they found a lobster and an eel fighting, you can see a little bit the lobster’s antennas. In the whole area you can see variety of corals, fan and brain coral and at the same time they form small ecosystems where many other species live.

It was an amazing experience, on our way out we went to one of the most iconic hotels of Guanaja, The Villa On Dunbar Rock, built over a 30m cay and dedicated to scuba diving, it has a panoramic pool, terraces and even a heliport.

Stay with us discovering more of Guanaja, The Green Island.

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