To get to both waterfalls, you must enter through the hotel of Mr. Arnold Bush, The Bo Bush´s Island House, take with you repellent, trekking shoes and a tour guide like Derek because the trail to the waterfall is almost virgin, the trail must be done crossing the river in order to get to the destination.

The trails are full of life, in the trail you will be able to see blue and white crabs and also of different sizes, they hide among the roots of the trees or inside the sand to avoid being hunted, just very well trained fishers can pull them from the sand with their bare hands without facing the crabs strong pincers. You will also see some beautiful stones, with many vivid metallic colors

The small waterfall it better known as The Shrimp Waterfall, for its vast amount of shrimps that you can see at a glance and that is located at 10-15 minutes from the entrance, the big waterfall known as The Big Gully  it is farther way at some 40 – 60 minutes. They are truly beautiful, the abundance of water form a big pond.

Guanaja is the only one of the Bay Islands that have two fresh water springs that form beautiful waterfalls that all year long have abundant water, that is why they are so important for the locals, because it makes them feel proud and obliged to take care of their natural resources.

Stay with us discovering  The Green Island

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