The award of Wahoo Shoot Out | Guanaja

Quickly we notice the amount of hard work that fishing in the sea takes, all the needed professional equipment and also if you’re a not prepared for the motion, you’ll get sick pretty quickly.

But we had an amazing experience, with fun moments, sad moments when we only cached algae, and of course emotion when barracudas cameo out.

The Wahoo Shoot Out lasted until 5 pm, on the high seas at high speeds and all boats seeking to find the biggest Wahoo . We accompany Captain Royce and his team and expect them to win the competition. Back to Grahams Place and there hope to return to know the winner. It is tradition that at the end of the competition is a party and a special dinner in Caribbean style and for that Lisa and Shawn moved the kitchen of Mi Casa Too to Grahams Pace and prepared fried fish. The end of our journey had come, Guanaja is beautiful and the people who lives there even more, think of Guanaja as your next destination to visit, they will not regret .

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