Graham’s Place The little paradise Guanaja

At the end of a great adventure, through the caves of Marble Hill and lern about the rock at Mangrove Bight, we head back to Graham’s Place Hotel. To enjoy a little bit of the beach before ending the day. Graham’s Place is a hotel that is located on a private cay that has white sand beaches around it, and also a direct access to a little coral reef, and a beautiful view.

At the same time, it offers a great variety of activities to enjoy next to the family and friends among them are:

  • Kayaking
  • Deep water fishing
  • Tour through trails
  • And birdwatching

We saw an amazing sunset and after enjoying the beach at Graham’s Place we went to the Wahoo Shoot Out Fishing Tournament opening party, that started the next day at 5am.

Stay with us discovering the wonders of Guanaja, The Green Island.

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