History of a civilization in Gunaja

We finally arrived to the caves in Marble Hill, a archaeological place that has a strong prehispanic activity, an area where they broke vessels and other artefacts as a ceremony offer.

There is a small staircase and around 25 caves that interconnect among them, and its structure goes all the way to the sea. We manage to enter one of the biggest caves where exists an ancestral belief that connects the superior person, the sky, the earth and the sea and the underworld are the caves and the sea.

The west cave has that name because a north American stayed stocked in the cave because he had a big complexion and they had to use a great amount of oil to slide him through the rocks, the rest of the caves don’t have a name.

We also manage to see a very rare species of insect, in one of the biggest caves of the area, and one where just a single person can come down by grabbing bejucos that takes you inside, the insect had body of spider and face of a bat.

All the archaeological site extends through a zone call Plan Grande in the island of Guanaja, and we just manage to discover a Little part of Marble Hill, named that way for the stones that are in the whole area.

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