Looking for the secrets that Guanaja hides

Guanaja is not a common island, its territory shelters a lot of surprises for those who visit it, waterfalls, trekking, beautiful beaches and an archaeological place located at Plan Grande with mounds and structures of the pre columbine era. We walked through Plan Grande searching for a big stone with carved petroglyphs and while we were strolling we discovered how beautiful the community is.

We stopped at a house where they sale ice cream in a small bag with peanut and milk and they call them topos and at another house they gave us a little taste star fruit or apricot, they grow with a sweet and delicious flavor because of the area. The street in which we were walking at Guanaja was the landing track many years ago, before moving it to the cay, Bonacca Cay.

Finally, we arrived at a house where you can find a stone that has some interesting carvings, the owner interprets it as a map of the island with every important spot. There’s plan to analyze the stone and its age.

Stay with us discovering the wonders of Guanaja, The Green Island.

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