The award of Wahoo Shoot Out | Guanaja

Quickly we notice the amount of hard work that fishing in the sea takes, all the needed professional equipment and also if you’re a not prepared for the motion, you’ll get sick pretty quickly.

But we had an amazing experience, with fun moments, sad moments when we only cached algae, and of course emotion when barracudas cameo out.

The Wahoo Shoot Out lasted until 5 pm, on the high seas at high speeds and all boats seeking to find the biggest Wahoo . We accompany Captain Royce and his team and expect them to win the competition. Back to Grahams Place and there hope to return to know the winner. It is tradition that at the end of the competition is a party and a special dinner in Caribbean style and for that Lisa and Shawn moved the kitchen of Mi Casa Too to Grahams Pace and prepared fried fish. The end of our journey had come, Guanaja is beautiful and the people who lives there even more, think of Guanaja as your next destination to visit, they will not regret .

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The greatest Wahoo Shoot Out

We were ready for the competition, so we got up very early in the morning and we went out with Captain Royce, his team and of course the incredible boat the Flying Fish, starting a day full of experiences.

Quickly we notice the amount of hard work that fishing in the sea takes, all the needed professional equipment and also if you’re a not prepared for the motion, you’ll get sick pretty quickly. But we had an amazing experience, with fun moments, sad moments when we only cached algae, and of course emotion when barracudas cameo out.

Throughout the day we managed to catch a Wahoo, we were so excited that we returned to Graham’s place pretty sure that with this catch Captain Royce and his team would win the tournament.

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Graham’s Place The little paradise Guanaja

At the end of a great adventure, through the caves of Marble Hill and lern about the rock at Mangrove Bight, we head back to Graham’s Place Hotel. To enjoy a little bit of the beach before ending the day. Graham’s Place is a hotel that is located on a private cay that has white sand beaches around it, and also a direct access to a little coral reef, and a beautiful view.

At the same time, it offers a great variety of activities to enjoy next to the family and friends among them are:

  • Kayaking
  • Deep water fishing
  • Tour through trails
  • And birdwatching

We saw an amazing sunset and after enjoying the beach at Graham’s Place we went to the Wahoo Shoot Out Fishing Tournament opening party, that started the next day at 5am.

Stay with us discovering the wonders of Guanaja, The Green Island.

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Looking for the secrets that Guanaja hides

Guanaja is not a common island, its territory shelters a lot of surprises for those who visit it, waterfalls, trekking, beautiful beaches and an archaeological place located at Plan Grande with mounds and structures of the pre columbine era. We walked through Plan Grande searching for a big stone with carved petroglyphs and while we were strolling we discovered how beautiful the community is.

We stopped at a house where they sale ice cream in a small bag with peanut and milk and they call them topos and at another house they gave us a little taste star fruit or apricot, they grow with a sweet and delicious flavor because of the area. The street in which we were walking at Guanaja was the landing track many years ago, before moving it to the cay, Bonacca Cay.

Finally, we arrived at a house where you can find a stone that has some interesting carvings, the owner interprets it as a map of the island with every important spot. There’s plan to analyze the stone and its age.

Stay with us discovering the wonders of Guanaja, The Green Island.

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History of a civilization in Gunaja

We finally arrived to the caves in Marble Hill, a archaeological place that has a strong prehispanic activity, an area where they broke vessels and other artefacts as a ceremony offer.

There is a small staircase and around 25 caves that interconnect among them, and its structure goes all the way to the sea. We manage to enter one of the biggest caves where exists an ancestral belief that connects the superior person, the sky, the earth and the sea and the underworld are the caves and the sea.

The west cave has that name because a north American stayed stocked in the cave because he had a big complexion and they had to use a great amount of oil to slide him through the rocks, the rest of the caves don’t have a name.

We also manage to see a very rare species of insect, in one of the biggest caves of the area, and one where just a single person can come down by grabbing bejucos that takes you inside, the insect had body of spider and face of a bat.

All the archaeological site extends through a zone call Plan Grande in the island of Guanaja, and we just manage to discover a Little part of Marble Hill, named that way for the stones that are in the whole area.


We woke up at 8am, our last day at Vista Caribe, we went to have breakfast at Mi Casa Too and they had prepared a delicious dish as a goodbye Lisa and Shawn pampered us as is we were family. We headed towards Graham’s Place, a very beautiful hotel that is located in a private cat, it has white sand beach all around, crystal clear water of the caribbean which makes it a great destination, and it is located 1.5 miles south of Guanaja.
The hotel has an acuarium at sea shore with really big turtles, mantrays and a several fishes. We saw some fishers returning with what the had fished in the morning, they had barracudas, and some really big fishes called Dolphins and they demostrated how to fillet the fish.
Guanaja is an gorgeous Island, paradise in the middle of the caribbean, and the locals are warm and loving people, we invite you to discover this island by yourselves. The Green Island.
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The time had come to do some water activities in the second most important coral reef in the world, we saw snails, fishes of every colors and even lobsters. We reached deep sea and stopped the boat, and stated swimming a little bit, the water is calm and crystal clear and you can see a great amount of fishes in their natural habitat. There are some areas in Guanaja which are considered No Fishing area, like Long Reef and Michael Rock, with the intent of guarding the biodiversity. You can ask about them in the Towns hall of Guanaja or to any local.

Dereck and Dennis went deeper and they found many lobsters even a blowfish, and also a small reef where they found a lobster and an eel fighting, you can see a little bit the lobster’s antennas. In the whole area you can see variety of corals, fan and brain coral and at the same time they form small ecosystems where many other species live.

It was an amazing experience, on our way out we went to one of the most iconic hotels of Guanaja, The Villa On Dunbar Rock, built over a 30m cay and dedicated to scuba diving, it has a panoramic pool, terraces and even a heliport.

Stay with us discovering more of Guanaja, The Green Island.

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The first day in Guanaja had gone by, and had realized why they call it the Green Island, for its beautiful white sand beaches, its sea life which is one of the biggest jewels of the world and for its dense forests. We woke up really early and the day seemed clear, and we saw and amazing sunrise from Vista Caribe. We went to have breakfast at Mi Casa Too because we had a day full of activities ahead.

We met Lupita, a pit bull that guards Mi Casa Too, it barks a lot, but in the end is the most sweet and noble of dogs.

We started with the right foot and went to the town hall of Guanaja, we were received by the deputy mayor Mireya Guillen, who told us some of the activities that they are planning on doing to make of Guanaja a completely green island. The deputy mayor gave us a tour through every corner of Bonacca cay, that has a population of 10 thousand inhabitants and consists of the union of two cays of 0.6 km. We also talked with Luis Feldman, councilor of the town hall, who took us to one of the most important lobster packers.

Stay with us discovering more about Guanaja, The Green Island.

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After snorkeling in the second biggest and most important coral reef we went back to Vista Caribe and prepared some piña coladas and ceviche of lobster and shrimp that we had fished that day.

We arrived and got into business, we entered the kitchen and expected everything to be great. We began with the piña coladas and then the lobster and shrimp ceviche, which we added inion, tomato and lemon. After cooking we left everything ready and went to have dinner at Mi Casa Too, where they had made for us a special dinner. It was a big fish, which they call Red Snapper, a deep water fish, they are the biggest and most difficult fish to get caught.

We headed back to Vista Caribe, to eat and drink the piña coladas and a nice bar where we had an amazing view.

Stay with us discovering the wonders of Guanaja,  The Green Island.

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To get to both waterfalls, you must enter through the hotel of Mr. Arnold Bush, The Bo Bush´s Island House, take with you repellent, trekking shoes and a tour guide like Derek because the trail to the waterfall is almost virgin, the trail must be done crossing the river in order to get to the destination.

The trails are full of life, in the trail you will be able to see blue and white crabs and also of different sizes, they hide among the roots of the trees or inside the sand to avoid being hunted, just very well trained fishers can pull them from the sand with their bare hands without facing the crabs strong pincers. You will also see some beautiful stones, with many vivid metallic colors

The small waterfall it better known as The Shrimp Waterfall, for its vast amount of shrimps that you can see at a glance and that is located at 10-15 minutes from the entrance, the big waterfall known as The Big Gully  it is farther way at some 40 – 60 minutes. They are truly beautiful, the abundance of water form a big pond.

Guanaja is the only one of the Bay Islands that have two fresh water springs that form beautiful waterfalls that all year long have abundant water, that is why they are so important for the locals, because it makes them feel proud and obliged to take care of their natural resources.

Stay with us discovering  The Green Island

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